Monday, April 29, 2013

a NO GLUE sort of day...

So today we started working on our surrealism collages.  Each day of the week is doing a different project because I will see each of them for different time frames (track meets, field trips, music contest, etc...).  Today they started their collages and I would NOT allow them glue.  I am making them find all their "color" first.

You would have thought I was punishing them...
Almost everyone wanted to get started and the few I did allow to start during 6th hour did exactly what I DIDN'T want them to do.  They started with their "focal point" and then got frustrated when they couldn't get their background to fit in.  sssiiiiggghhhh
sketching out the image...
Today's students are creating monochromatic background environments using magazine paper.  Next week they will create a COLORFUL focal point image using construction paper.  Today's goals were to draw out/plan their idea and complete their color search.
watching the values...
storing our "colors"
Luckily I have a TON of these plastic folders a mom donated a few years ago.  The fit into the art folders and velcro shut.  This way they can collect all the value paper they want and it won't (or shouldn't) go missing by the next class time!  

Collage is one of my least fav. projects (SO VERY MESSY) and I am tackling 3 different ways of doing it,  so feel free to say some extra prayers for me. 

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  1. I handed out gallon size ziplock bags for our surrealism collages. Ours were done differently than yours, but like you, I said NO GLUE. They had two full class periods to search for and cut out images. In the third class, they could begin gluing, but only with my permission. Unlike you, I lve doing collages with kids!