Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life is crazy...

I am typing this post up at home working on getting my week in order.  Got some fun projects to share with you but not this week.

Yesterday was 75, Today we got out of school early because our spring thunderstorm turned into a ice, hail, snowstorm.... gotta love living in Nebraska!

Tomorrow I have a sub as I have a funeral for one of my dear friends... she was a mentor to me in my masters program and her influence on my life was huge.  Her fight with Pancreatic Cancer was very gallant and she will be missed.

Thursday I will be having a sub while I help interview for our High School Art position.

Friday I have another sub for another funeral.  My uncle passed away from emphysema this week.  I spent many a night with my cousin Bec at their house and he will be missed.

I promise I will share more in a bit...and you can feel free to share some of the beautiful east or west coast weather with us.

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