Thursday, September 12, 2019

6th grade Working Away

Just like 5th grade, 6th grade is working through testing, vacation days and altered schedules to finish up their projects. We are still finishing up our color wheel projects and we have been enjoying some fun art starter videos that have to do with color. You can check them out here:
This is always a fun review... even if it is stuck in your head for a long time. 

Image result for color wheel
(click the color wheel image to watch a Khan Academy color intro)

We watch a bit of this one (start at about 5:20)

The students have been doing some amazing work on creating unique color wheels. Check out Artsonia to see what they are doing. 

The "Wednesday 6th graders" are doing great on their fiber art projects. They are finishing up their embroidery images and getting ready to start on sewing their creatures. I can't wait to share some of their work here. 

5th grade Just Working Away...

It may seem crazy that we haven't started anything new but with Maps testing, Labor Day and more we are still just working away on our current projects. By next week I will have finally seen everyone twice for each project... So a quick review:

5th graders are working away on creating their "awful alphabet creatures" and their colored pencil skills. We started by reading the book "The Absolutely Awful Alphabet" by Mordicai Gerstein. It is full of absolutely awful creatures created from the alphabet.
Everyone has worked on their planning sheet, coming up with two different ideas and working with colored pencils to create some quality value scales.
They are working on their final copies during art class and during Map Testing time. I am super excited to see these finished and uploaded to Artsonia in the next few weeks.  I am also excited to read all the alliterations they will have come up with for their images. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Week #1

5th Grade 
This last week the students worked on finishing up their art cubes in their ELO's. When they came back to class we talked about Artsonia and how to use it. We then practiced uploading our cubes. Make sure you check them out... they are pretty awesome.

6th Grade
This week the 6th graders review Artsonia and uploaded their cubes. Then we started working on our upcoming projects... COLOR WHEELS. Students were given a color wheel worksheet and we watched this mind boggling video.

The students will work on making a color wheel of their choosing and then will share them with their classmates. I am excited to see how they turn out.

Our Wednesday classes are working on the art of textiles. The students are finishing up practicing their different type of stitches before they move onto creating an embroidery image. I will share some in-progress work next week.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019


It isn't a secret that I love Artsonia.

This website provides me with everything I want. It focuses on student safety. It allows my students to write about their artwork. It provides a path for parents, grandparents and friends to communicate with students about their projects. It helps me collect and gather digital artwork quickly and efficiently. I find it is super user friendly for me and the kids.
Finally, it also allows us to raise a few extra dollars for the art room. Sure I might only make a couple of hundred dollars a year but I really don't really push that side of the site (Artsonia sends enough emails for that 😉)

We are working on our first uploads this week. I am excited to see the year off to a great start. 

Getting Back at it...

I am working at getting back into the groove of the school year and back in the groove of blogging. It is my goal to create a place for my students (and their families) to review what we are doing in class each week. I am hoping to do a post of what we are working on, what is coming up and what we have finished.

This week we worked on getting to know one another. I started the year with my "get to know the art room" slideshow and a first assignment. The inspiration for this project came from a post on a facebook art teacher group page. I knew when I saw it that it would be a perfect way to collaborate and start the year off learning a bit more about each other.

Each student got a square and had to finish it in the following way.
We talked about how if everyone does this; we will learn who they are, something from their past and something from their future. If they color it this way we will also create a really cool 3-d looking wall. I am super excited to see what they make. 
This is my finished example. I remind them I have 30+ years of practice on them and then share how awesome it was when Mrs. Glanzer would draw a cake for everyones birthday in Kindergarten and how I dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Coliseum in Rome. 

Coming Next Week:  I am going to introduce the students to Artsonia and we are going to upload our cube drawings before we install the collaboration. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Hello Blog World - Hello 2018/19 School Year

So I have set a personal goal to get back to blogging. I really missing seeing what my kiddo's have been up to. We are only in the second week of seeing students so I figured I would share some things I did to get ready for the school year.

#1 Window Upgrade
My room has these awesome windows to the hallway. While I enjoy that people can see what we are doing, it can be distracting to some students to watch the kids walk by. Enter the window covering. Every year I glue something in my window... it is quickly washed off at the end of the year with some hot water and elbow grease. This year I used tissue paper and watered down glue to create this color swatch. The students love that you can only read "create" when the lights are on. 

#2 Classroom Chalkboard Border

I love the green area around my room. It is just paint but I treat it like a chalkboard (washing/repainting as needed). This year I asked the kids to tell me what they think art is on day one. I then took some of the 600+ answers and added them to the green areas around my room. I look forward to adding more next year. 

#3 Elements of Art Cubes
The last thing we are adding this year is not done yet. My 6th graders are reviewing the elements of art (we study them in 5th grade) by creating cubes. Each side focuses on an element of art with the "cube" representing form. As students finish them this week I will add them to the ceiling. 

Well that sure feels good.... the first post in a long time. I hope everyone is off to a great start of their school year. I hope you are getting those names learned and finding your home/school balance. 

Talk to you soon! 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Sometimes your life changes in huge seismic ways... Sometimes change creeps into your life and slowly you become a different person.

A few years ago I feel in love with blogging. I loved reading blogs. I loved writing blogs. It was a beautiful time. Then came twitter. Then came Instagram. Then Facebook.

Then came the day I realized it was all just too much!

I was struggling to keep up my digital presence. My digital world had me looking really good. I was able to teach rock star lessons, take my kids amazing places, cook wonderful food, serve on every committee and do it all. The truth was I was spending A LOT of time making it look that way. Meanwhile my kids were growing up, quickly, and I was hooked to a computer or my phone for most of it.

Truth is, I have only one chance to be their mom and I was missing it! I was stressed out about doing the right things, posting the right things and I was addicted to making sure I knew everything.

I would feel myself getting stressed so I would quit everything cold turkey. No Facebook. No Instagram. No Feedly. No Twitter... and that would feel great but it would only last for so long. Like many addicts I found I couldn't just "check real quick" without getting sucked back into the constant need for info-tainment.

This summer I read a book called "Present over Perfect" by Shauna Niequist and it spoke to my heart in a way not many books have. It helped me see what I had been feeling for a while. The world is FULL of stuff. You have to choose the stuff that works for you. The stuff that makes you happy and fills your world. It is okay to set parameters... and to live by them.

I have realized that I do enjoy being a part of the amazing online community of art educators but that I need balance between being online and being present in my life. So... my posts and photos may be sporadic. They might not be perfectly edited and professionally photographed but they will be me. They will be me sharing the things I love without the pressure of perfection and during the time I have allotted for them. I am sure it will be a learning adventure but here we go.     -Jen