Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Could you guess from the last post that 6th grade was getting ready to do printmaking!

I see one group of my kiddo's twice a week so this year we decided to tackle reduction printing with them.  I was pretty nervous about what they could do but I should have known they would rock it.

We started by watching this great video on YouTube.  Then I demonstrated for them...
showing them all three steps.

Then we set up the printing stations (notice the color coded sign up sheets... the color is a huge help for kids who aren't really paying attention).  I had yellow only on the first day.  Yellow and red on the second, with the requirement that all yellow be printed.
 Then we had red and blue on the next day, with the requirement that all red be printed.  (This year I had the kids print two prints on each full sheet of paper instead of having all the paper cut... wow, what a great idea and sanity saver)
The students did a pretty good job with registration and printing in the right places.  
(except for this kiddo who never did get the same print... but I still love it)

Here are some the finished ones... so awesome!  I can't wait for everyone else to finish these.

p.s. While I love these, I don't want to tackle it with all 300 students... these 75 were enough!

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  1. Oh!!! I like this a lot. Very nice. Thanks for the resources and project samples!