Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Quick Printmaking Project...

I LOVE using the Nasco Safety-Kut with my kiddos.  I can get 30 4 x 6 blocks out of each sheet so it costs me about $350.00 for every student to get to do printmaking (you could use the front and back of each block so they could do two prints each or share).  When I do my cutting, I end up with a 6"x 2" scrap from each block.  Over the last 2 years I have accumulated quite a stockpile of scraps so this year I decided to give my "bonus Wednesday class" an assignment that would use them up.

We talked about radial design and how they are created.  They were given a 2"x 2" paper to work out their design.  When they had their drawings ready to go, they were each given a 2"x 2" block to transfer to.  (Another thing I love about Safety-Kut is that pencil drawings are EASILY transferred by laying the paper upside down onto the block and rubbing the back with a ruler.)
pencil transfer~carved~post printing.
After students transferred and carved their image, they printed.  For this assignment I just put out trays of acrylic paint and allowed them to brush the color onto their block.  It took concentration to make sure they were turning the blocks the right direction when printing.  But I think they turned out pretty awesome!  

more in the "BIG" picture at the top

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