Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Lately life has been putting some perspective on things.  We all can get a little frazzled come the end of the year with grades, art shows, squirrely kiddo's, outside activities, spring fever, etc.  The recent passing of one of my mentors after a short (but long) battle with pancreatic cancer has helped me keep a better perspective on things.  My favorite quote from her funeral was "if your bible is falling apart, your life isn't."  Wow... How true.  After the tragedy yesterday at the Boston Marathon and our "freakish weather" (75 degrees last Monday and Wednesday was a snow day...) I can't help but "have a little faith" that it will all work out.

Speaking of another perspective... this is what my 5th graders have finished up.  Perspective lettering with a patterned background.  The requirements were to create at least 3 letters, take them back to the vanishing point, color them neatly, create a neat and pattern filled background.  My example was black and white as are many of the finished projects... but some took up the challenge to do both in color!

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