Friday, April 19, 2013

6th grade too...

6th grade has been working on their chair projects (see original post here) and it has been awesome! Here are few more of my faves and some comments I have LOVED!

every view of the chair... open and closed
a nice tri-fold brochure to get you interested in buying...
I just love it!
the princess shopping thrown... with a hook for your shopping bags
the pink one is sold as the happy chair... sit on it and you will just feel better about yourself.
a real usable chair....
was wondering about this students sense of relaxing... 
till I realized it was a coke and a bottle of ketchup  
this chair completely comes apart and folds up... all planned by a creative boy. 
some of my fave quotes were...

"you probably don't want to put your face there." when asked if the makeup pouf that made up the chairs seat was usable.

"what kind of warranty do I get if I fall out.  Is there someone to sue."  asked about a hover chair.

"how does it know what will make me happy."  when sitting on the "get happy" chair. 

Here is a teaser about what we are working on now... bet you can't guess.

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