Thursday, November 20, 2014

Not So Plain White Cups

My 6th graders have a unit that focuses on drawing skills.  This year when we were tackling contour line we switched it up from our usual hand drawing and challenged ourselves with drawing "plain white coffee cups."  I started by photographing a group of cups together.
After we worked through our contour line drawing practice they tackled drawing these cups in contour line.  I let them "cheat" and draw on a piece of plastic on top of the drawing.  Since it is the beginning of contour drawing for them it can be hard for them to see the connecting lines.  

Next we worked on shading.  They completed a value scale and worked to identify the light, medium and dark values on each cup.  As they finished their practice work I shared the assignment.  They would have to draw a cup photograph using contour line and shading BUT they had to add something to their image to make them unique.  They turned out pretty fun!

You can check out more at Artsonia


  1. I like this idea. I might try it out myself.

    1. Go for it... It was pretty fun to see what the kids created.