Wednesday, September 5, 2018

What... another post

See, I said I was going to really make this a goal this year.

So what have we been up to since last week?

6th graders have been working on finishing their element of art cubes. These beauties have a different element on each side of the "cube" (the cube is the element of form) Here are my sides that they see as examples.

It has been great to see how each student represents their personal likes in how they draw their elements.
Student Example
Student cubes ready to hang
And the hanging cubes DEFINITELY make the art room a more exciting place to be. We still have 75+ more to add and I think the room will be full! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Hello Blog World - Hello 2018/19 School Year

So I have set a personal goal to get back to blogging. I really missing seeing what my kiddo's have been up to. We are only in the second week of seeing students so I figured I would share some things I did to get ready for the school year.

#1 Window Upgrade
My room has these awesome windows to the hallway. While I enjoy that people can see what we are doing, it can be distracting to some students to watch the kids walk by. Enter the window covering. Every year I glue something in my window... it is quickly washed off at the end of the year with some hot water and elbow grease. This year I used tissue paper and watered down glue to create this color swatch. The students love that you can only read "create" when the lights are on. 

#2 Classroom Chalkboard Border

I love the green area around my room. It is just paint but I treat it like a chalkboard (washing/repainting as needed). This year I asked the kids to tell me what they think art is on day one. I then took some of the 600+ answers and added them to the green areas around my room. I look forward to adding more next year. 

#3 Elements of Art Cubes
The last thing we are adding this year is not done yet. My 6th graders are reviewing the elements of art (we study them in 5th grade) by creating cubes. Each side focuses on an element of art with the "cube" representing form. As students finish them this week I will add them to the ceiling. 

Well that sure feels good.... the first post in a long time. I hope everyone is off to a great start of their school year. I hope you are getting those names learned and finding your home/school balance. 

Talk to you soon!