Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shape Monsters on Facebook

One of our earlier projects was to create monster collages using a minimum of 3 geometric shapes and 5 organic shapes.  The kids had a lot of fun designing these creative creatures. I was proud of how hard they worked on their collages.
They did some really great things...
I love how this monster has only one arm... just like the student who created it!
I love that they used tracing paper to make their monster look like it was under water.
this is a close up.. had to share the fringe detail on this coat!  
and one flying  a 3-d plane!
When they were done talking about shapes we moved onto forms.  I had them redraw their monster as form... focusing on using shading.  They did this by creating a facebook profile for their monster.  I loved reading all about their monsters facts. 
Here are some side by sides...

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