Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Harold take 2

My schedule is a really nice teaching schedule for a working mom of 3. 
I teach all 600+ kids in our school every week so there is lot of paperwork/grading to keep up with, but since I am able to teach the same lesson for a week at a time there is a lot less prep.  Sometimes the school calendar kinda messes with that plan.  For example, with the Harold and the Purple Crayon project there was one group of 75 kids that I only was able to see one time, versus twice.  So I have to adjust...

For this assignment I just had the kids draw one picture of what they did this summer vs. creating a whole book.  

They were all so much fun to look at and I loved reading the stories behind each one.  Plus this was a great drawing project to get us started... simple but also enough for me to gauge where everyone's skill level's are.

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