Friday, October 11, 2013

Makes my day!

I love studying living artists as it helps students realize that they really can make a living doing what they love.  It makes me think of students like Baden who told me, "I am either going to be a professional football player or a professional artist." Students see professional football/basketball/soccer players all the time but rarely see a professional artist.  I also love that you can interact with them.  A while back we looked at Ben Heine's work and chatted with him via email.  Today I sent an email to Bruce Gray and heard back from him!  (insert giddy face here)  I can't wait to tell the kiddo's on Wednesday.

I also love days when you see a special kid who has made HUGE progress blossom.  When Alex started in my class he spent most of the time bent over under the desk.  The iPad was the only way I could get him to interact with me.  Fast forward 2 years to today when he was able to handle a class demonstration, music during work time and come up to share with me his clay project sketch.  Gotta love this smile!
One Awesome Kiddo!
and a close up of his sketch...complete with wind!

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