Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tackling the Clay!

I won't lie... I have a love and hate relationship with clay.
It is a magical and it is messy.
It is amazingly fun and absolutely tiring.
It is everywhere but everyone loves it.

So once again it is time to tackle the magical medium.  This year I am super excited to use the slab roller I was able to purchase using artsonia money from last year's snap my art fundraiser!

And since I am all about giving kids a little bit of choice... I showed them how to create a clay

I demo'd in class but some of the kiddo's were gone and others may have questions so I made this video demonstration that will play in a loop during class tomorrow.  I won't win any Oscars (and the music will drive you crazy... hit the mute) but it will serve my purpose.


  1. How do you set up the slabs? Do you preroll them or have the students roll the slabs? Also how do you manage storage of such projects. I find some of my other classes get into the other students projects ( especially clay) no matter how out of the way I put them.

    1. I preroll the slabs on my Bailey Mini- Might Slab roller as the pinwheels look better if they are little bit thinner than then trivets. It takes about 15 minutes to roll out enough for the entire 25+ students in each section.

      I am lucky enough to have a kiln room off my classroom. It is about 5x7. There is room for the kiln and lots of shelves. I store the projects in there as my kiddo's would also get into other people's stuff. With 600 students I do run out of room and so I put the fired projects into computer boxes that I sit behind my desk.

  2. Thanks so much! I've been struggling with storage space while doing so many 3D projects at once. Ill try they boxes! sounds like a great idea and would work well in my classroom!