Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A fun one to share...

Yesterday was the first snow of the year...
it was the wet, clumpy, slushy sort of snow that was on rooftops in the morning but gone by 9 am.  

Today is just the cold, damp day after.

Therefore we are making BEAUTIFUL, LONG LASTING snowflakes today in art class!

I stumbled upon the Make-a-Flake site 
and knew it would work perfect for those kiddo's who finished their Bruce Gray images early.  
my example
The kiddo's love making them, remaking them, cutting more and exploring this project.  It is a really neat site!
I am having the kiddo's upload them artsonia (using their awesome

and I am thinking they could make a fun project for exploring picassa... look at what I created in a few clicks and a few minutes. 

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