Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Official Welcome Back!

sign that I painted at the end of last school year to use up the last little bit of paint in all the gallon containers.

We are up and running for the year.  Tomorrow is a full week of school under out belts so it is probably time for me to share a few of the "new" things I did in my class room this year!

a mirror outside of my classroom... this is where I put the spotlight artist information but for now it is a mirror, because every student who enters my room should see that they are an artist!

our old paper recycling chart redesigned into a blue tree outside of my room... who doesn't love a blue tree!

I added foot prints around the sink to avoid the "rush" of bodies that sometimes crowd the sink.  However, I am even more excited about the fact that they fixed my sink.  Last year the water would get REALLY hot.  Come to find out someone had turned the cold water off.  

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