Monday, August 19, 2013

I tried... this year I told myself I was going to do a better job of  "getting ready for school" in the morning.  I would put real deal makeup on everyday (not just mascara and chapstick).  I would do my hair.  I would wear cute clothes (that I bought on clearance so I don't get too upset when they get paint on them).  This morning when I left this is what I thought I looked like...

Tousled beach hair, cute cami, capris and a sweater

This was my reality
Tousled hair gone flat and frizzy
only mascara... didn't even cover up my black eye (thank you vacuum handle)
cute cami 
sweater (that ended up tucked into my pants waistband for all of 3rd period)
and decent capris

At least I was on time and smelled good. 

It is days like this that I applaud those teachers who are put together all the time!
and am in awe of teachers like Cassie Stephens who ROCK outfits like this 
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  1. Hahaha! Yes, Cassie absolutely blows me away! When I was young I made an effort, but over the years...well, it's almost embarrassing. I'm not a morning person, so a little blush would be about all I would manage most mornings. But I would NEVER leave the house without jewelry, especially earrings, trying to wear a different pair every day, the funkier the better!

  2. And you look just great! Our fashion and hairdos are NOT the most important things to kids, as long as we are wearing a smile. And smelling good is certainly a bonus! ;)

  3. Gurl, don't you know I ONLY take pictures when I look good! I'm never gonna show you the day I didn't wear make up and had my zipper down the whole time (and it happens more time than not;) You look fantastic! And I'm with Phyl, the kids love a smile, a hug and the belief that they are loved. With that, you are set :) BTW, thanks for the shout out! Love your blogs :)