Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to School Reality...

 "Back to school" time is in full swing!  I have gone shopping one on one with my kiddos to get their school stuff.  One home teacher visit is done and another one is coming soon.  School shopping for me is done and I have been to my room a few times.  Today was supposed to be my first full "work at school" day and my kiddos are SICK!  My son woke up throwing up and my daughter has a "really bad head-ech."

I am trying really, really hard not to have a complete breakdown.  We are moving sometime (the seller of the house we are buying is building in the "backyard" and so we are on her new houses schedule.) so  I spent June getting ready... cleaning the house, finishing projects, having a garage sale, etc.  July my school room was being "cleaned" so I got a bunch of paperwork stuff done but nothing finished as it was all working from home.  Last week and this week I have been showing our current house so there have been a few "spurts" of school work time but not my normal amount.  Today was going to be my first BIG day back at it... and now it is not.  My stress level is sky high... but this is all part of being a mom, right!

Just so this post isn't all negative, boo-hoo me.... I did get an email that one of my paintings was accepted to the Nebraska Art Teachers show.  It is called remnants and is made from painted tape left over from my school kiddo's project.  I haven't shown my artwork since college (not that I have made that much!)


  1. Congratulations on your success! You will make it through all the rest.