Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day One... in the books!

(disclaimer... this post was started on Thursday)

The first day is always one of my most/least favorite things.  I never feel prepared (there is always one more thing to do...) and it is always scary to go over new names.  You never know exactly how the schedule is going to work.  BUT... you get to meet all your new kids.  You get to see them excited to be there.  You get to see them "get to work."

This last week my daughter started her first day of Kindergarten, my son started second grade and I started my 12th year of teaching.  WOW!

Another first for me this year is teaching my first "second generation."  When I started teaching I was teaching 7th-9th grade.  During that first year I had a 9th grade student who was expecting.  This year I will teach her daughter.  It makes me feel a little o(l)dd.  Part of working in a small(er) town is that you plan to eventually teach generations of students... I just didn't plan on doing it when I still feel "so young."

It was odd when I started teaching the children of my classmates.  It was odd when I noticed former students pictures starting to show up in the wedding announcements.  It is odd when I have former students whose children are in my children's class...

I know that my students grow up after they leave me in 6th grade but it sometimes a little surprising how quickly they do it!

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