Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Last year...

I was working on beginning of the year stuff and thought I would clean out some files from last year.  I found a few things I meant to share; hence the next few images.

love this ride... makes me think of how awesome it was to get to ride in "the back" when I was a kid.

one of my favorite things about our schools first and last days of school.  Our welcome line!
these snapshots are from our district wide art show.  We are so blessed to have an amazing art center in town that lets us put our school show up for a month every year.  We mix the work K-12 so everyone has to search for their images.  It is always one of my highlights of the year.  
Students were given the challenge of creating a patriotic image that wasn't a flag. 
Artist Tree houses:  Students had to research an artist and then create a 2 point perspective tree house that reflects what they know about their artist. 

Our collage projects for the end of the year from different classes...

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