Monday, October 1, 2012

Texture Cubes

As a final step in our elements of art review, my 6th graders are making textures cubes.  We started by defining texture and discussing the difference between real and implied textures.  They were then given a cube template (I found this one online).  The assignment was to find three "real" textures and glue them down.  They then had do draw the "implied" textures.
tissue paper... real and implied

fabric... real and implied

masking tape... real and implied
Many students choose to take it home as homework (so they could get some different textures).  Of those who turned theirs in I was amazed at how many were unable to create the box.  They kept forgetting to fold on every dotted line.  I am thinking next week we may be hosting our first class critique and  reviewing how small things can really impact craftsmanship!

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