Wednesday, October 10, 2012

another perk...

One of the many perks of teaching in Nebraska is the joy of recess duty.  Monday was a lovely 72 degree day and I was plenty warm in my long sleeve t-shirt.  Yesterday was a blustery 45 degree day and I was wearing 2 coats, wishing for gloves and using my scarf as a head wrap.  This morning is 27 degrees...

Don't get me wrong, I love living in Nebraska and don't know how people can live without a changing forecast... we gotta have snow for Christmas, right?  But I could do without having recess duty every day, all year long.

The funny thing is when I am out there bundled up, there are still kids running around in t-shirts and shorts.  They have coats, they just don't want to wear them.  Guess it is better to be cold than uncool.

So here's to the many perks of changing weather... and to remembering my gloves!


  1. I've often thought it would be wonderful to live in a country that has SNOW! We do have ski fields in the southern states, but certainly not where I come from ... I think it's freezing cold when it's 11C (about 52F)which is about as cold as it gets at the height of winter(during the day - nights get a bit chillier)here in sunny Queensland Australia! But I don't envy your playground duty!! :)

  2. Oooh! I certainly won't complain because I have recess duty 2 days a week, plus two days of car pool duty! I don't complain too much because those kids are just so cute - even in shirt sleeves when I am bundled up! Usually, we have WONDERFUL weather in Virginia. How cold is too cold to go outside there? Brr! 27 degrees!!!! Elizabeth is right, at least we HAVE snow!