Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How do you conference?

It is THAT week.

Conference week.

I love and hate conference week.

I love getting to talk with my kiddo's parents.  I hate missing a majority of my kiddo's because I can't be located next to each team.  I love sharing what we are doing and answering questions.  I hate being grilled about why every student (namely theirs) isn't getting an "outstanding."  I love talking one on one with the kids and their families about what we are doing.  I hate missing out on my family 2 whole nights of the week... and managing the drop off/pick up schedule of an altered schedule.

One new thing I did this year was creating an art board.
I took this down to conferences with me (Specials are located in the lunchroom so parents can easily find us).  It had an example for each of the projects I graded this quarter and a teaser for what is coming up.  It was great to point to an example of each project I was talking about.  It helped the kiddo's remember what they were missing or what project exactly I was talking about.

One night down, one night and one afternoon to go...

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