Friday, September 28, 2012


Teaching 300+ kids in each grade level it is tricking to accept donations of goods to the art room... it takes a lot of anything to make a project happen.  Today I was blown away with an amazing donation!  Mrs. Roberg, our autism para, had talked to me about donating some colored contact paper she had left over from prom decorating.  She brought in a few sheets and it was cool but I was thinking I could only give each student a 2x2" square for a project...

Then this morning she came in with her arms FULL!

It was awesome.  There is black contact paper (sticky on one side, matte black on the other), two different kinds of metallic, clear and GLOW IN THE DARK.  That's right.  Glow in the dark sticky paper.  I am so excited!  Can't wait to rock out some awesome projects with this stuff!
 And did I mention that the sheets are HUGE... 24x36 each!   

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