Friday, October 26, 2012

Snap My Art...

I finally did it...
I tackled my first art room fundraiser.  
(The main reason had to do with every classroom getting an iPad... that is every room but the "specials.")

About the same time as the iPad news was being shared, Artsonia started to promote their "Snap my Art" fundraiser.  I already love Artsonia and their materials so I thought, why not?  Kids make circular designs, I send them to artsonia and then the families order these awesome jewelry pieces.  

Step #1 was to register... I just used my whole 5th grade roster.  Total time investment 30 seconds.

Step #2 have students create their artwork on the pre-printed papers.  I had to label each sheet with the artsonia provided label, which I did while they worked.  I had the students review geometric and organic shapes, discuss symmetrical design and focus on using color schemes.  Time invested = one class period (with some students taking them home to finish)
(I graded these projects and that took about 2 hours to do 300 students)

Step #3 return the papers to Artsonia in the pre-paid mailer box.  Time invested = 20 minutes to drive to UPS store and back. 

Step #4 Wait.... this was the hardest part for my students.  While we were waiting Artsonia was uploading all the images to our account and creating customized fliers for each students.  (We mailed the artworks on the 8th and had the fliers back on the 23rd so it wasn't that much of a wait.)

Step #5 Hand back the customized fliers, which were awesome.  They arrived in a box, printed in full color and sorted by class (like I have on my account).  They have each student's artwork on them, including "on the art snaps."  Total time = 5 minutes to gawk at how cool they were and 5 minutes to put them into each teacher's mailbox.  Each teacher had about 3-7 minutes to hand them out, depending on their handout policy. 

Step #6 Wait... for the orders to start coming in.  Artsonia has an awesome order tracker that tells me how much I am earning, how many orders we have and the students who are eligible for the prizes artsonia is providing.
 That is right... artsonia is also giving me free stuff to give to students who order.  

One other neat thing was Artsonia sent me a necklace and a bracelet example along with several "snaps."  These have been a huge hit for the kiddo's.  
So far I am way impressed with the ease of this fundraiser... I will keep you up to date on how well we do raising money.  The jewelry is in the $20 range, which isn't a lot for me for a Christmas gift but I know that isn't the case for all my kiddo's.  The nice thing is that they can buy just the snaps for less than $5... and they are awesomely strong magnets.  


  1. Great fundraiser, and wonderful that it incorporates the kids art work! I wonder if artsonia goes international, or if this is only available in the US. I'm going to investigate!

    1. It calls itself "the world's largest online gallery" so I hope it does. I love it anyway and snap my art has just been a fun addition.