Monday, October 29, 2012

How Many Steps....

I have a student teacher for the last quarter of the semester and was talking with him about how I finish up projects.  I found there are a lot of steps.

Step 1 - Gather and Grade all 300 assignments.  I hold back the best 5-10 from each class for display on artsonia, display in the hallway and art shows.

Step 2 - Photograph the projects, upload them to artsonia, "publish" them. Click here to see our school

Step 3 - Sort out the best 3-7 total... save for art shows in the spring.   (Mentally try to remember whose stuff you save so you don't get to the spring and find that you have only 1-2 students stuff).

Step 4 - Prepare the remaining images for display in the hall.  Organize them neatly... I am kinda crazy like that.
these are the 6th grade review squares... line drawings, shape collages, form drawings, color blends and value watercolors.  

Step 5 - Take down the display when a new one is ready, sort and file the artwork that had been on display.  

whew... no wonder I am so tired :) 


  1. Each time I saved a student's work for the spring art show, I made a note in my class register, so that when the show rolled around, I had at least one piece from every student. If I always picked the best piece, it would have been an art show for a handful of kids instead of a show of the work of the entire student body. Parents get upset when their kids don't have a piece in the show. Sometimes I did projects, particularly in the month preceding the show, where I made sure I either saved EVERYBODY's, or focused on those kids whose work I had missed. If a grade did a papier-mache project (garden gnomes last year for example) every one was on display.

    While I think Artsonia is a wonderful idea, once I signed up I never actually uploaded any artwork. Just another thing to do...

  2. Lovely displays Jen. I just publish all my kids work to my blog (which is my main reason for having it) as I don't have a room, and therefore nowhere to 'hang' their work. I make sure everyone is published at least once per term (so the pieces published are not always the best examples, but that's not the point is it?)The second thing the kids ask when they come to art (after 'what are we doing today?') is "Who's on the internet??" They love the thought of art teachers from around the world viewing their work - talk about an authentic audience! :)