Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Middle of Crazy

For the longest time I have been thinking about how the end of February/first of March was going to be soooo CRAZY.  Well, here we are in the middle of it and I am still standing.  I have my tickets, hotel room, shuttle bus and general plan for hitting New York!  I still have to finish up my sub plans, packing and cheering our home basketball team onto a victory in districts (Go Panthers!) tonight!  Who needs sleep?

Before I head out I feel that I should post something about what my kiddos have been up to...

*5th grade is finishing their clay projects.  Thanks to maps testing and my crazy schedule only one group is done but check out this guy who won a blue ribbon at the all-city show.
*5th grade is also finishing their doodles for google.  This year's theme seemed to be a little harder for them to work with.  Use the word travel and they forget that it is supposed to be "in time."  But still I am having some great entries.  Check out this "travel to hang out with pirates" idea.
*5th grade is also working on Zentangle Landscapes.  I am thinking they will need some chalk color when they are done.  It seems to be a great assignment for my sub to teach while I am gone.
  I am not usually a fan of such "simple" landscapes but my kiddos are amazing me with quality of their patterning... and with their concentration on this project!

*6th grade is working on their portraits... I promise a post about it sometime.  I have to see if it is a huge success or failure first :)

*Celebrating Creativity Kiddo's just finished a Sandy Skoglund inspired project.  (We used pixlr.com for our photo editing.)  The nuts and bolts of the project was that we photographed around the building and small still life objects.  We then edited the classrooms to be monochromatic.  We also edited the background out from behind the small still life objects.  We then layered them together.    
There you go... next time you hear from me I will be at the National Art Convention in New York City.  YEAH!

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