Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Movie Maker

Ever have one of those weeks... so busy you feel like you are juggling 100 different things.  That is my next couple of weeks.  I had a sub last week while I went to Crisis Team Training.  I have a sub on Friday as I am in charge of a huge scrap booking retreat for Relay for Life.  I have a sub next week when I am the National Art Education Convention in New York.  Thankfully Mrs. Couch has agreed to do all the subbing... she is awesome and was my long term sub last year during maternity leave.  It always makes me feel better to know that she is my sub.

So what have we been doing... 5th grade is working on painting how to and color mixing (tints and shades).  I started by making my first movie (well at least since 7th grade history class when we made a "classic").  It has been awesome for me to get paint ready, take attendance, clean brushes, etc... while they listen to me explain some painting basics.  I will put the link here as long you promise not to laugh... Painting 101
(thank you to all the bloggers who posted about using magazine palettes... my hands have never been so grateful)

6th Grade has been working on their portrait projects.  They are still learning the facial rules, working on shading the facial features and praciting using grids to draw.  Next week we start the "BIG ONE."

Tonight is Celebrating Creativity.  We will be doing some Sandy Skoglund inspired work.  I am still working out the kinks so lets hope it works!  Here is a link to a video one of my students did about our Dale Chihuly work.  This will be linked to a QR code during our art show later this year.

Here is a video link to our Keith Haring guys... I am still working on figuring out how to prevent iMovie from cutting off their heads and feet so keep in mind it is a work in progress!  This is one of the projects my Wednesday kids have done.  Here is a link to the movie we did on our circle painting. 

Well I best get back to juggling... please forgive any lack of posting in the next while.  I will be back!

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