Thursday, March 1, 2012

New York City!

We are here! We left home about 3 this morning. Flew out about 8 and got into town about noon. Got registered at the convention, saw the MOMA, had a great Cuban sandwich at Tina's Cuban Cuisine and now I am thinking about bed! Tomorrow will be another big day. We are thinking about going to Wicked tomorrow night....yeah! So..... My notes on the MOMA. It is definitely a modern art museum but I was blown away with all we saw. I am not a fan of taking pics of me, but for some of them I could not pass up the opportunity...think Keith Haring, Dali's Persistence of Memory, Picaaso's Three Guitarists, Jackson Pollock, Monet's water lilies and so much more. I love that I can show the kids a size reference on these pieces. I also took many photos of several different pictures. I see this becoming a "game" where the kids have to match up the images. I also took close up photos of abstract artwork so the kids can see all that really goes into those projects. As for project inspiring artists/artwork that were completely new to me... Kara Walker printing images onto other drawings. Sol DeWitt had line drawings (only lines). Ellen Gallagher had added things to magazine ads(think drawing a mustache onto someone). Martha Rosler had photos mounted with a list of synonyms beside them. Sanja Ivekovic compared her personal photographs to Marilyn Monroe photos to make a statement about how celebrities can be anyone. I think I took close to 100 photos there...too bad I can't add them to here. Well I best log off for tonight. Tomorrow brings more fun!

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