Monday, February 13, 2012


I made an oops!

6th period is when I start getting my 6th graders for the day.  Today as they came walking in I had the PowerPoint going, the handouts ready, the lesson ready to rock!  We started discussing portraits and talking about the awesome project I have planned.  They drew their "portrait card" and we got to working on their practice.  They were working so well and I was just sure we we doing great! 

UNTIL...about 20 minutes before the bell one student asked "when will we finish our Ben Heine drawings?"  I said, "remember you were to take them home and finish them.  I expect for them to be turned in at the end of class." 

PANDEMONIUM.... But Mrs. Carlisle, that can't be I'm not done?  Me either!  You said we would have this week to work on them! 

and they were right.  Neatly stored in all there folders were their Ben Heine drawings.  Patiently waiting to be finished.  Darn it!  So goes my perfectly planned day.  I finished the day introducing the portrait lessons (I know they will need some process time for this one) but then I allowed them time to work on Ben Heine. 

I guess that is how it goes some days :)

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