Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19 - Genius Hour Day One

With just a few weeks left to school I assigned my 6th graders a "Genius Hour" project.  Since I have had them for 2 years they have a pretty good idea of what my expectations are... so I felt pretty comfortable about this process.  I explain that their final project had 3 parts:
     #1.  A question (what do you want to learn about in regards to art?)
     #2.  Research (go find the knowledge... use books, internet, personal connections, etc)
     #3.  Present their knowledge to their classmates.

While I can't say that every project was amazing; I was pretty impressed with most of them and blown away by a few. Here are some from the first day of presentations:
a realistic eye
minecraft mask
duck tape creations
more duck tape
a cartoon drawing of her favorite video game
an entire notebook of cartoon foods
learning how to decorate a cake (it tasted really yummy also)
cartoons ( she wasn't allowed to draw someone that existed so she mixed characters)
research notes for the PowerPoint presentation she created about optical illusions
fingernail art
rubber band car racing across the room
a model plane... he had to research the plane since it was a kit
a handmade chalkboard
a really awesome flip book  (I will keep working on uploading the video of it)

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