Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 15 - Following their lead...

Awhile back I handed out a "box monster" project to my 5th graders.  I started by handing out a box template (like this one) and starting at the top they were to create hair, face, toes and tail with arms on the side.  That was the extent of the directions.  My original ideas was for them to create a "minecraftish" city for my display case to welcome next years students.
Fast forward to our perspective drawing lessons.  We are practicing drawing perspective by working through how to draw cubes.  My idea for their final project was 10 boxes with a connection of some kind; like these that my first class completed.

(bet you can't tell that I said "like the trunk of an elephant" during demo)
My second class was missing a day for our track meet so they just had to do 10 boxes or 5 letters... like these:

On Monday they came in and my last two classes were ready to rock.  While we were drawing in the first class, one of my students who really quickly got perspective started to turn their cube into their box monster. It was like a divine intervention... what a great idea.  For the last two classes I changed up their assignments.  They needed to draw their box monster in perspective, create an environment for them to live in and color neatly.  

watch out for the creeper behind you!

why did the chicken cross the road?
Here are some that I failed to take a picture of their box monster, but they are some pretty cool drawings!

 While photographing these guys I realized it could even be fun to make a short film with them...

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