Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 13 - Doodle for Google

If you have never done Google's "Doodle for Google" with your student you should really think about it.  I love all that Google does for this contest and the prizes are AH-MAZING!

I always start with exploring the homepage.  They always have some great resources about the theme.  This year they even had video's of the official Doodlers talking to the students about how they work through their ideas, research, collaboration, etc.

We then discuss the theme for the year (this years was more challenging than years past).  I have my students start by collaboratively brainstorming at their tables.  Then each student starts to work up an idea.  This step goes home as homework.  The next week we come back and peer review their ideas.  They make any necessary adjustments and then start on their final image.  I give them two weeks to work on drawing out their final image and finishing it with coloring/shading.

The final step is to have them write out their explanation statement.  It is a place for them to explain their image (I think this is important part of the Doodlers choice).  Since I have 300 students I chose my top 30 and enter them into the contest.  I have yet to make a state winner but hey, if we never enter we never will.

Here are a few of my kiddo's drawings from this year:
My invention would have the army fighting on Earth while the people would move to Neptune.  There would be a rocket between the two planets for food, water and heat.

My invention is better than just making food.  We are making talking food.

My invention is a dome that can allow people to live in outer space.

This amazing invention allows one earth-roaming creature to communicate with another.

I made a teleport because travel would be easier and it would not take as long.
You can check out more at Artsonia.

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