Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 14 - Back in March...

Back in March we did a project that was based on the saying "March comes in like a lion and goes out like lamb."  We discussed how this saying came to be (it is really about astrology) and how true it is in Nebraska. On March 1st we were at 12 degrees and it was snowing.
March 31st it was 63 degrees and the sun was shinning. 
I then handed out some papers that had 4 photos of sheep and 4 photos of lions on them.  Each student was given a plastic piece of overhead material cut to 3x4.  They used transparency markers to trace out their lamb and lion images using shapes where possible.  They then drew these shapes onto their art papers to create their lion or lamb.
The next class meeting we looked at the art work of Ron Burns.  We discussed the bright and beautiful colors he used to draw realistic looking animals. They then worked to complete their drawings of a lion or a lamb in the style of Ron Burns.

Much Nicer...

This project was part of our material rotation so that means one day worked with watercolor, one with tempera, one with oil pastel and one with chalk pastel.  I just was so happy with how all of them turned out.  If I was doing this again next year I would make sure I have this book from the library to connect it with literature. 


  1. I love how bright and fun all these are, especially the lions! I haven't ever done a materials rotation with a project before, but I like the idea. I am going to try that out!

    1. Lauren my material rotation worked great to create a lot of variety for the art shows. It worked out well since I have 4 days of art classes. We worked through 4 projects on the rotation. Each project was done in 4 different mediums while I taught the same lesson. Each class was able to experiment with each medium. In the future I will have the students write a reflection of which medium they liked the best and why.