Monday, March 3, 2014

Printmaking 2014

We started our block printmaking project this year by discussing what we did for our clay project (check it out here).  We then planned out how we could use the same subject matter but complete a TOTALLY different project.  We continued on with a lesson on what printmaking is, how to do it, why is different from other mediums (namely having more copies once all the work is done).  Students then designed an illuminated letter pencil drawing.  We transferred, carved and printed an edition of 3.  You can read more about all that here.

Here are a few of their finished images.

You can check more of them out here.

Before we took our blocks home we did a triptych mono-printing project... 
...and it was awesome. 

students painted watercolors onto the smooth back of the block and printed 
When all three of these mono-prints were done, they printed their letters on top
using watercolor or thinned black paint
When the project was done. They had three different mono-prints that were unified as a triptych image by the letter print.
here is a finished image... check out more at Artsonia


  1. Love the triptych idea! Very cool process, and some good results!

  2. Very nice. I never thought about using the back of the block for monoprinting. Great idea!