Thursday, March 20, 2014

Look who was in my room...

Okay, so maybe Dale Chihuly wasn't REALLY in my room but his artwork sure was inspiring what we were up to!

On Tuesday night my Celebrating Creativity kiddo's met to create some cool stuff.  We started by watching a CBS News clip of Erica Hill learning from Chihuly how to blow glass.  Then I broke the news to them that they were NOT going to be doing that.  Instead we were making plastic "glass" pieces.

They colored their clear plastic plates (24 for $3 at our grocery store) with permanent markers.  Then we melted them with my hubby's heat gun.  Check out the video of one here.

While they were waiting to melt their plate or after they were finished, they used coffee filters, watercolor and spray starch to create these macchia inspired projects.

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  1. These are incredibly beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing. I teach after school art programs and this blog is so inspiring.