Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our Dream Rocket

I signed my celebrating creativity afterschool kids up for The Dream Rocket project a long time ago as they were sponsoring a show in Nebraska. With the deadline quickly (it is tomorrow) approaching it was time to get on it.  We met last Monday to come up with our idea.  On Tuesday we used Phyl's toothpaste batik mix to cover our fabric.  We met this Monday to paint the image and Tuesday to clean them up.  We finished them up on Wednesday and Thursday.  

Image One:  A salute to Orville Carlisle of Norfolk Nebraska... he invented model rocketry  

Image Two:  Floating Along:  hot air balloons traveling over the beautiful plains.

They are beautiful and I am very proud of them!

 Because we have to send off the large pieces, each student was also able to create a small 6x6 inch square to keep.  They are awesome also!

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