Monday, March 24, 2014

Why I love what I do....

Last year I had a student who was a very nervous art student. 
I could tell she loved art.
I could tell she was worried about "messing up."
 She would ask me several (alot) times every class if she was doing the project right.  With every question I would say, "what do you think?"  She would nervously share her idea and I would back her up.  By the end of the year she was getting more confident.  

Fast forward to this year... she still likes to make sure she is following the assignments requirements but she is so much more confident in what she does.  Today she was putting her project on the drying rack and she said, "I am loving this picture.  I am really proud of how it is looking!"  

WOW!  I could feel the pride radiating off her.  I can see her confidence growing with every project.  I have seen art change her so much and I am sad to think that I will only have her in my class for 8 more weeks.
sshhhh... no need to tell the students that is all that is left to the school year.

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  1. How wonderful that she has grown so much and what a wonderful teacher you must be to inspire that growth!!