Thursday, March 27, 2014

The most expensive "cheap" project ever!

I started this project with my celebrating creativity kids thinking it would be super affordable...

Material list:

  1. construction paper scraps
  2. Elmers glue
  3. Sandpaper (stolen from hubby)
  4. Stampin Up Crystal Effects (borrowed from my stash of goodies at home)
Well that isn't really how it worked out. They used up the construction paper scraps plus broke into my good stash.  They went through a TON of glue.  I did steal the sandpaper but we ran out.  They Crystal Effects was dried up and I had to buy new.  Good thing the results were pretty cool.

Step #1 is to choose a shape and cut out a lot of the shape (circles/squares/triangles are easiest).
Step #2 is to glue them together.  Cover each piece with Elmer's, making sure to go corner to corner.  You want them to completely bond together.

Step #3  Let them dry for at least a week (imagine that at this point it is a stack of gluey, gooey, construction paper)
Step #4  Sand, Sand, Sand, Sand the paper.  Some of my students weren't very neat about lining up their papers and ended up taking theirs home for a little help from "the power sander thingy" their dad's own. 
*make sure to sand at an angle so you can see all the colors.
Step #5 is to cover the finished pieces with Crystal Effects (or something similar) to make the shine and protect the edges.  

The teacher who introduced this project to me had her students create larger sculptures and used wood rasps on them.  The were BEAUTIFUL!  We choose to just make jewelry with the time that we had. 

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  1. I am so glad I found your blog! I also teach Jr. High, and always love some great inspiration! I love this project and could see this as a potential fundraiser at my school! Thanks for sharing!