Sunday, January 5, 2014


Wow... these last two weeks have been amazing.

Before break I was feeling extremely overwhelmed.  There was never enough time in the day.  I wasn't doing a good job of being a mom, being a teacher or being a spouse.  I was getting by... just finishing one task in time to tackle the next one.

Break didn't start off the best (4 of the 5 people in my house got the flu) but I managed to get through Christmas and we were able to enjoy a friends wedding.  That was the beginning of the good stuff.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time helping PJ and Laura celebrate.  Their wedding was great in that it really focused on the important stuff... getting married and keeping God at the center of their union.
From there on, life got better.  There was lots of family time, lots of staying put, lots of taking a long time to do nothing.  I spent one day at school and the rest of the time was spent feeding my soul.  I even started working on my very own craft room.  I had a small space in our other house but nothing like this.  

Our superintendent challenged us to come up with one word for 2014 instead of a resolution.  
I chose ENGAGED.  
It will be my goal to be engaged what I am doing.  That means when I am with my school kids, I am with them.  When I am with my home kids, I am with them.  When I at home, I will be home.  When I am at school, I will be engaged with what is happening there.  I am excited for what this next year brings and can't wait to live engaged.

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