Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wednesday Avatars...

Every Wednesday I have plan time (due to lack of plan time the rest of the week) and I have 6th grade "Bonus Art."  This year we are focusing on computer art during our Wednesday time.  The kids are loving it and I enjoy seeing them be creative in a different medium.

We started this quarter by making avatars using  (There are 3 inappropriate images on the site but considering the hundreds of really great options we just have a short talk about being personally accountable in regards to what is around them and the choices they make.)  This is a super easy thing to do and allows us to also talk about uploading to Artsonia using their new classroom feature.  It also allows us to talk about artist statements and how to write good ones.

I love seeing what they have created... Here are some of my faves from yesterday, with their artist statements:

This avatar that I made has a comparison to me in real life. It has the long brown hair, the small ears, and the various freckles. Even the background shows who I am. I am a person who loves ancient history, which is why I have the ziggurats in the background.

This character does not really represent me, I just made something random. If I were to make another I would shave first. :P

This avatar is like me because I have all the same details that are in this picture. The one thing I would have changed is the lipstick and the glasses because the lipstick is really bright and the glasses are tinted. Other than the few things I would have changed I am very happy with my avatar.

I created this avatar to look as if I were in an anime. I love anime and I thought for a long time about what I would look like. I decided that since I really like blue I would use it as the main color palette.

I like my image because I like monsters and my avatar is a monster. #rocking cyclopz

You can check out more of their awesome avatars at Artsonia:  

**I found this website via another teacher on Artsonia and now for the life of me I can't find that information.  If you helped me get started please email me so I can give credit where credit is due!

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