Friday, January 17, 2014


Before break we did a project based on the principles of art.  We started by looking at this sketchbook page from Keith Haring.
photo credit
We discussed how he used the elements of art but also how he used the principles of art.  
We agreed that this image was  a doodle before tackling our own doodles.  

The students then created their own doodle.  It had to tell me a little more about them.  They could use any medium and draw any subject as long as it was a doodle.  To finish the project they had to write an explanation of how they used each of the principles of art in their image using this worksheet.

Here are some of their finished images:

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  1. These are great! I may borrow this idea for my high school students. We spent most of our first semester with the elements of art and this would be a nice, natural transition into our second semester. Thanks for sharing!