Thursday, January 30, 2014

3 requirements

I have found my students taking longer to get projects done this year and they are finishing at different rates. I have been trying to work through this with a small part of each project that can be done ahead of the lesson.  For this project students were asked to create an ocean creature that no one has ever seen on a piece of grey paper.  These were supposed to be black and white with a little bit of color.

The next time I saw the students we started to talk about the element of SPACE.  We shared how overlapping, size and placement can help us know what is closer and what is farther away.  They were then given this assignment:  
              - Create an image that is underwater (we created our water images using watercolor techniques of salting, saran wrapping, lifting and layers) with at least one grey fish and shows space by using overlapping, size and placement.  

It was pretty fun to see what they came up with...

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Here is the grade sheet I used.

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