Monday, December 16, 2013

What would you do?

So today is the last time I see my kiddos for the quarter.
We are having a work day followed by "THE GREAT FLAKE CHALLENGE" for those who are done.
I have told all my classes...Your work HAS to be turned in by Friday!  No Exceptions!  No credit for 1st semester work will be given during 2nd semester!  
I told them they could take their work home and finish... just make sure I have it by Friday!

3 different times today I had students leave unfinished projects in their folders.
1 student took his to finish... he claimed he didn't understand that he had to have his done Friday also?
1 student turned it in unfinished... he said he would just take whatever grade he got on it.
1 student refused to do anything.  I reminded him that turning in something was better than nothing.  Nope. He wasn't turning any of it in.

I don't get it.

What would you have done?

1 comment:

  1. I would have sat them down, counseled them, asked them to reconsider their decision, and then called home and . . . HA! NO WAY!

    If they choose to not do their work, their grade suffers accordingly. Because actions (or the lack thereof) have consequences. That may sound harsh, but if they don't care about their work, why should I put extra effort into it for them? In an ideal world, I may take the time for them, but pragmatically, I have so many other things to do. As long as they are aware of what will happen if they choose to not finish work, they can go ahead and make that decision.

    I would just get in touch with parents and say:
    a) here's what happened
    b) here's the consequence (grade or otherwise)
    c) have a wonderful day

    Don't need to do anything more. Good luck!