Wednesday, November 13, 2013

a completely unproductive productive day!

I love my Wednesdays...

With our schools schedules I am blessed with 3 plan periods on Wednesday... because I don't have full plan periods any other day.  They are my rockstar days when I get so much done (which is awesome since I feel more behind than ever this year).  This morning I walked into the house from my 5:15 a.m. exercise class and my husband met me with, "J is puking and I have that huge job lined up today." (translation: you are going to have to take this one.)  So I called the sub service, ran up to school and got everything ready.

My day was awesomely productive at home (a sick 8 year old doesn't require much work... just some peanut butter toast and tea from time to time).  I did 4 loads of laundry.  I pulled wallpaper off 1/3 of our bedroom wall (whomever put it up really liked their wallpaper paste).  I cleaned one of the storage closets (this house has like 4 of them) and started putting things away.  I made lunch, supper and kept a 2 year old entertained.

My school day was absolutely unproductive (note 2 year old from above).  I am working on catching up from home and will head in early tomorrow morning but I thought I should share what the sub did with my kiddos' today.  Thanks to Artsonia's Classroom I was able to see what the kids were completing and uploading throughout the day.

The sub (a former student teacher) was introducing them to atmospheric perspective and they were to use changing values and details to create an image on the paint program.  Here are a few of  what I was expecting:

and a few of them I still love even though I think they could use a little more detail in the foreground.

Anyone else thinking of a lava lamp...
this one makes  my eyes go crazy...
This students artist statement shared that this one makes her think of the Lion King when they enter the elephant graveyard... love it!
I am trying to decide what is up front... and I love that!
Check out more of them at Artsonia.

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