Thursday, September 19, 2013

Not my lesson... But I have to share!

I love it when other teachers share what they have done in their room with me.  I teach with some really fun, awesome, amazing and creative teachers.  Just last week a teacher came down and handed me a stack of papers and said, "check these out.  They are awesome."  He was right.  They were pretty cool.  He had done them the first few days of school as a way to get to know more about the kids.

He started by giving each student a piece of paper with this line on it.
They used the line to create some fun and creative images. 

Did you find the line in each picture? 

I am thinking this would make an awesome and easy sub plan...

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  1. Love it! I immediately thought 'a wave with a surfer on it' or a snail and there wasn't a single one among the images with either of these ideas! So yes, great sub plan idea.