Sunday, September 8, 2013

An Awesome Idea and an Epic Fail

So for my first official 6th grade project I had this WONDERFUL idea ...
that went KABOOM! during my first class!
But I think I have saved it!

My original idea was to have the students start the year with a review project that would allow them a lot of freedom.  We started with quick review of watercolor and collage.  I then gave them the assignment, "create a project that uses a bug as your subject matter and shows your ability to use watercolor and collage."  They had a week to think about it and plan.  

They came in on Thursday ready to work and IT WAS A NIGHTMARE!  Their ideas weren't very well developed.  They weren't sure how to start with their ideas.  They were just grabbing papers, paint and glue and going to town.  At the end of class I was tired and sad and worried.  

Then came lunch and some massive brainstorming.

I realized that their struggles came from my shortcomings.  While they had ideas, I had to help them work out their ideas better.  So for the next few classes we started with a sketch critique where the students had to work out an official sketch and then share it with a class partner.  They were then able to tell me if they were starting with watercolor or collage as every student had to start with their background.  

We aren't finished yet but I really like the way things are going!  PHEW!

Also... I am planning on being able to use this project for my students to discuss unity and variety.  

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