Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Feeling a little lighter...

So I just finished going through all my paperwork... and man did it feel AWESOME!
You know how we all get paperwork and then we put it into the "I'll deal with it later, its not top priority pile"  Well tonight it became priority.  To the left is the keepers, to the right are the recyclers!  It is awesome to think that I am carrying about 1/2 as many papers!     
So now my thoughts turn to what else I might want to tackle... I was just noticing that my district is open on the Nebraska Art Teachers Association Board.  It is has left me contemplating if that would be something good for me. 
With the house moving I think it is best left off my plate for this year, but is something I am really thinking about for next year... 
Wow...that really is my name on the presenting schedule.  YIKES!


  1. It feels so good to get rid of paper piles!! I have tried really hard to leave my desk clear and my inbox empty at the end of each far so good.

  2. Jen, I was really glad to see your name on the presenting schedule . . . you rocked it!

    Thanks for sharing your expertise, and your "shameless plug" totally worked. I'm loving everything on your blog :)