Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Art Folders

Every year we start with creating a new art folder for each student.  This is where they keep their notes, sketches and in-progress work.  I try to come up with new things for them but I just had to repeat this project for my fifth graders covers.  It really does show them why art is so awesome.

As the students get ready you give them 5 directions

  1. Draw 4 straight lines from one side to the other.
  2. Draw 5 circles any size, anywhere
  3. Draw 2 lines that start on the edge, curve and end somewhere in teh middle
  4. Color a minimum of 3 circles and 6 areas
  5. Demonstrate craftsmanship!

And then be prepared to see how they finish them.

they are all so unique and so much fun.  It also helps me get a sense of their personalities.  You can check out more at Artsonia

The 6th graders worked on their covers and this year we used them as review.  We reviewed our negative shapes from last years painting project and we reviewed patterning lines.  Then they got to work.  Their goal was to write their name WITHOUT writing their name... to let the patterns create them.  It was hard to do but I loved how they turned out.

Check out more at Artsonia.


  1. OOOOOUUUUU, I love your covers. I haven't done mine with 5th graders, yet. I'm feeling inspired.

    1. thank you... they are fun and I love how much they really reflect each student!