Monday, March 18, 2013


Thursday night as we left school we were reminded to leave our computers on for the latest updates... so I did.

Friday I came to school a few minutes early and thought "I should restart my computer so those updates don't slow me down."... so I did.


Somewhere, somehow the updates TOOK OUT our computers.  Luckily only about 1/5th of our building had restarted their computers so 4/5 of the building still had functioning equipment.  Those of us who did restart (or undock our laptops) are out of luck.  We had nothing on Friday, they worked all weekend and we still have nothing as of 10:00 tonight.

Needless to say, I am SO APPRECIATIVE of my technology.  The prep is times 10 for getting ready, the student involvement is -10, the reteaching is up and my energy is down.  I have been able to use the iPad for basic stuff but it doesn't even pay to prep at home... I have no way of using it at school (laptop runs my projector and we can't change/disconnect/move anything till the problem is resolved).

I am hoping that between Microsoft, Dell, Novell  and our district tech gurus we get a solution soon (and I am sure they do also... can't imagine that dedicating their entire weekend to this problem was on their to-do list).

As for what we are doing in the art room... I can't wait to show you are clay flowers (one of my favs), our perspective lettering and our "George Washingtons."

Plus my celebrating creativity kiddo's just got to use my "Artsonia Treat."

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