Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wonder how they did it...

Teaching has to be way different today than a few years ago...  
Here is a picture of my desk today. 

I looked at my desk and was blown away with the technology I was running.  I have two iPads (borrowed from another teacher) uploading student created videos about Helen Frankenthaler to YouTube.  I have my Google reader open to share my daily goodies with me.  I have my smart board running in prep for the upcoming class that we will start with a few videos... and I took the picture on my digital camera before uploading it to my blog.  

I am still loving my coffee, keeping paper grades (before they go online to our computerized grade book and attendance program), using #2 pencils, turning in lesson plans and teaching about art.  

However, I can't help but feel that I do it a little different today than they did years ago... no overhead transparencies, mimeographed copies or outdated textbooks have been used in here for quite a while!  

One last thing before I go... I have been hosting our Celebrating creativity classes (just not posting about them as much).  A few weeks ago we did George Segal and his plaster sculptures.  We wore rubber gloves and covered our hand (loosely) with plaster strips.  Check out Megan's awesome hand! The world is air dry clay.  
She is definitely one student who I would love to see fail 6th grade... just so I can keep her one more year!

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